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Glaciation of the Loch Morar Area

Beyond Creag Mhor – Feb 08

Everybody has heard about the ice age, usually from half forgotten Geography lessons from teachers with unfathomable nick names, but how many of us stop to think about what it must have been like, try and visualize these gargantuan events?

We are told that between 11,000 and 10,000 years ago up to 4000ft ice covered the mountains of Scotland and huge glaciers grinded and pummeled their way westwards to the coast. Huge valleys were created, rivers diverted, the landscape changed forever. Even the level of the sea was changed!

All traces of these vast ice fields have long since vanished and all we have is the word of scientists that these events really happened…. Or do we? Are there clues hidden in the landscape waiting to be read, waiting to tell a story of events long passed?

In fact here in Morar, you could not be better placed to take a close look at these clues yourself, and then ponder and draw your own conclusions.

Further Information – PDF Download

So let’s take a closer look at that evidence – Glaciation in the Loch Morar Area (PDF file 2.3 mb)