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Islands Feb 08

Cryptozoologyvor the study of legendary creatures and monsters, or species that are believed to be extinct, is an important aspect of the heritage of Loch Morar. There are ten or more lochs in Scotland where cryptids have been reported over the years.  Loch Morar’s cryptid, called Morag, is believed to be a similar animal to that of Loch Ness, and while not as intensively studied as Loch Ness, there have been detailed surveys of Loch Morar to determine whether it is possible for a large creature to be able to live in the Loch’s waters, no matter whether it is a serpent-like creature or dinosaur.

The scientific belief is that there is insufficient biomass (the quantity of plant and animal life) in Loch Morar to support a creature of the proportions described, however, there may be sufficient numbers of deer and sheep that fall into the loch that could provide a carrion-source of food. Whether present or not this aspect of Loch Morar’s mythical ecology is an important aspect of the area’s history since the time of Saint Columba.